EdHero Readies Launch of Next Wave in Educational Technology

EdHero to offer pre-launch platform incentives to educators, publishers, curriculum developers and homeschoolers.

 EdHero, a wholly owned subsidiary of Learning Easy Holding Limited, owner and publisher of the very first online support, marketplace and teaching resource development platform for education professionals is pleased to announce that, in commemoration of its launch, free 1 year premium memberships and 6 months’ royalty free, zero commission use of its marketplace to the first 100 resource developers to sign up.

EdHero’s platform provides educators with a platform on which they can collaborate on the creation of lessons and courses, earn recognized vocational development certificates and a means by which they can market resources and tools they have developed to institutions and other educators via their own virtual stores.

This is a truly momentous occasion and it's difficult to find the words to describe the excitement here at EdHero.

Devansh Garg, President of Ed Hero

“This is a truly momentous occasion and it’s difficult to find the words to describe the excitement here at EdHero,” says Devansh Garg, EdHero’s President.

“The herculean efforts of our teaching ambassadors, advisers and implementation teams have culminated in the creation of this remarkable platform that will support, empower and advance the interests of those who have answered the noble call to serve as educators despite the poor rewards often associated with the profession.”

“The EdHero platform aims to help engineer a fundamental change in the way educators are perceived and also give them the opportunity to supplement the – frankly – criminally-low incomes on which many have to live. It offers a collaborative support infrastructure for educators wanting to earn vocational accreditations while simultaneously encouraging the proliferation of high quality, collaboratively-authored teaching resources for deployment in educational establishments around the world,” says Mr. Garg.

Source: Learning Easy Holding Limited